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Evaluation of corneal biomechanical response, tonometry and pachymetry

The revolutionary Corvis® ST records the reaction of the cornea to a defined air pulse with a newly developed high-speed Scheimpflug-camera that takes over 4 300 images per second. IOP and corneal thickness can be measured with great precision on the basis of the Scheimpflug images.


Corneal Visualization
Scheimpflug Technology

The revolutionary Corvis® ST records the reaction of the cornea to a defined air pulse using a newly developed high-speed Scheimpflug camera. This camera captures over 4 300 images per second, permitting highly precise measurement of IOP and corneal thickness. Based on a video of 140 images, taken within 31 ms after onset of the air pulse, the Corvis® ST provides a detailed assessment of corneal biomechanical properties.

The information obtained on the biomechanical response of the cornea is used to calculate a biomechanically corrected IOP (bIOP). Furthermore it allows ectatic diseases such as keratoconus to be detected at a very early stage. Biomechanical properties also play an important role in the development and progression of glaucoma.

Corvis® ST - the tool of tomorrow today

The Corvis® ST is now available in various software versions. You can start making economic use of it now. You will receive a combined Tonometer and Pachymeter complete with video function and a new email function designed for sending videos to patients´ mobiles. You can upgrade later on, adding information on biomechanical properties of the cornea from the Dynamic Corneal Response Display.

Applications Corvis® ST
Pachymetric Progression
High-speed video of the cornea
Email function for sending high-speed video
DCR-Software incl. CBI and TBI optional
Biomechanical Glaucoma Factor (BGF) optional

Emailing videos to patients' mobiles

This new function allows you to email values for intraocular pressure and corneal thickness as well as impressive videos to your patients. Videos include a feature for reminding patients of upcoming follow-up exams. This way you can convince them – in particular the young ones – of the necessity for glaucoma screenings and regular follow-up exams. The high-end diagnostics provided by the Corvis® ST will put the focus on your performance and high-tech equipment.

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