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OCULUS Headquarters – Your partner for successful perimetry!

OCULUS – your partner for
successful perimetry!

Benefit from the exceptional wealth of experience and expertise of OCULUS in cooperating with ophthalmologists, optometrists and all eye care professionals.

All that really matters in perimetry

OCULUS offers not only all things essential in procuring and working with perimeters. OCULUS also stands out by its enormous expertise and experience in the field of perimetry.

The OCULUS Perimeters:
What Distinguishes our Products

Based in Wetzlar, Germany, OCULUS Optikgeräte GmbH manufactures four different automatic perimeters by the names of Smartfield, Easyfield®, Centerfield® and Twinfield®.

OCULUS Smartfield


The Easyfield® is the most popular compact model of the OCULUS perimeter series. It can be used for static visual field examinations up to 30° eccentricity. As test stimuli it uses white light spots of Goldmann size III on a white background.

More info on the Easyfield®

OCULUS Centerfield®


The Twinfield® is the most comprehensive of the four OCULUS perimeters. Its repertoire includes static perimetry up to 90° eccentricity without fixation shift, kinetic perimetry (automatic kinetic perimetry or manual kinetic perimetry according to Goldmann) and color perimetry (either blue-yellow perimetry or perimetry with red stimuli). Visual field tests on the Twinfield® can be performed with stimuli of Goldmann sizes I, III and V.

More info on the Twinfield®

The OCULUS perimeters also differ in the way the stimuli are presented. The Easyfield® makes use of a fixed grid of light emitting diodes (LEDs) to generate light spots. The Smartfield performs static perimetry measurements using an LCD display of very high luminance to create the standard background illumination and the test stimuli simultaneously.

By contrast, the Centerfield® and Twinfield® models make use of a rear-surface projection system with which stimuli can be presented at any desired point on the projection surface. Rear-surface projection systems have the advantage of being able to project undeformed circular stimuli onto any desired location, making them suitable for kinetic examinations.

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