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Small and light-weight 330 135 <a href="https://en.oculus.de/en/products/slit-lamp-documentation/imagecam-3/highlights/#c1221" >Highlights</a> Universally adaptable 677 73 <a href="https://en.oculus.de/en/products/slit-lamp-documentation/imagecam-3/highlights/#c1221" >Highlights</a> Video imaging 628 210 <a href="https://en.oculus.de/en/products/slit-lamp-documentation/imagecam-3/highlights/#c1221" >Highlights</a> OCULUS ImageCam® 3

OCULUS ImageCam® 3

One of the Smallest Slit Lamp Documentation Systems Available

The OCULUS ImageCam® 3 is one of the world’s smallest image documentation systems and can be adapted to virtually all commercially available slit lamps.

The slit lamp photos and videos are captured with a high-resolution, digital USB 3.0 camera by simply pressing a foot switch, or, in the „digital ready“ versions of OCULUS slit lamps, using the joystick. Complete slit lamp examinations can be recorded as a video sequence, from which the best frames can be selected and saved for documentation of the findings.

OCULUS ImageCam® 3

OCULUS ImageCam® 3



The OCULUS ImageCam® 3

  • Small and lightweight – The beam splitter and the camera unit are extremely small and lightweight, making your routine slit-lamp diagnostics light work in the truest sense of the word.
  • Swivelling prism – The coupling prism of the ImageCam® 3 beam splitter can be completely swung in and out of the slit lamp’s beam path using a lever.
  • Universally adaptable – The OCULUS ImageCam® 3 system is suitable for most slit lamps thanks to its versatile adaptation options.
  • Super light sensitive USB 3.0 camera – Only a powerful camera can produce low-noise images in as difficult conditions as prevail around the eye.
  • Intuitive Software – The software is easy to use, presenting the images recorded in an attractive frame.
  • Image from video – The ImageCam® 3 enables you to record your entire slit lamp examination on a video from which you can then select the best frames for your archive. That spells good-bye to blurred images and consistently high-class images for your documentation.
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