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Vision Testing Device for Day and Night

The Vissard RG is a refraction system for daylight and darkness testing. It is the perfect basic equipment for daily use. It comes with an impressive variety of test procedures, which can be easily customized and stored for greater efficiency. Optimize your operating procedures! The Vissard MOBIL is the indispensable add-on-tool for precision work also outside the refraction room.

Vissard RG

Test: Reality tests (sailing ship, white board with LEA™ symbols)

Dark refraction

We define dark refraction as a comprehensive concept. Therefore the OCULUS Vissard RG has the following functions:

  • Optimized vision tests for mesopic and dark vision
  • RealBlack technology for a jet black vision test background
  • High-efficiency LEDs for glare simulation
  • Integrated remote control for adjustment of room lighting and darkening

Thanks to the integrated interface in the home automation system, you switch to dark refraction and – automatically – the light in your refraction room is gently dimmed, and the window blinds close.

The essence of the Vissard RG operational concept is centralized control of all functions

Something for everyone

The perfect basic equipment for daily use: the OCULUS Vissard RG with multiple vision tests. All common tests for assessing binocular function are included. Image separation is done with anaglyphic method (red-green). The test procedures can be individually designed and easily stored for more efficient operation. Optimize your operating procedures!

The Vissard RG can be switched to refraction testing at close distance in a flash. Testing options include pseudocolours and real-world images. Information generated in this way can help in counselling low-vision customers.

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