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Perimeter OCULUS Smartfield

OCULUS Smartfield

The OCULUS Smartfield is a compact visual field device purposefully optimized for monitoring functional impairment in glaucoma. Based on an ultra-high-luminance LCD screen it performs standard automated perimetry of the central visual field and beyond. Despite its small size, the Smartfield perimeter offers a comprehensive clinical solution in visual field testing for any glaucoma practice.

Compact Perimeter with ergonomic design: OCULUS Smartfield

OCULUS Smartfield



Predicting Anatomy from Thresholds (PATH)

Functionality of a retinal location obviously depends on the underlying anatomical structure of the retina in that location. One characteristic feature of glaucoma is that there is a close connection between sensitivity levels of given retinal locations (as described by visual field measurements) and anatomical structures related to the optic nerve head. The merit of PATH is that it provides an estimate of the retinal nerve fibre layer (RNFL) thickness around the optic nerve head and the relative area of the neuroretinal rim based solely on the results of visual field measurements performed with the SPARK examination strategy. This novel approach of predicting structure from function is made possible by the high reproducibility of the SPARK visual field exams.

Predicting RNFL thickness

Working from the results of SPARK perimetry, RNFL thickness is predicted at 25 points of the TSNIT (Temporal – Superior – Nasal – Inferior – Temporal) circle around the optic nerve head. The value at each point is calculated from functional data selected for relevance. This selection is based on an objectively automated machine learning algorithm and does not rely on other findings such as on the correspondence between nerve fibre pathways and visual field areas.

Predicting RNFL thickness with OCULUS perimetry software: PATH
Prediction of the RNFL thickness according to PATH
Predicting the relative area of the neuroretinal rim with the OCULUS perimetry software: PATH
Prediction of the relative neuroretinal rim area according to PATH

Predicting the relative area of the neuroretinal rim

A linear combination of relevant threshold results is used in order to predict the ratio between the neuroretinal rim area and the total area of the optic disc. The result is compared to normative data and expressed as a percentage of the population average value (normalized to 100%).

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