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OCULUS Logo from 1957

German Precision since 1895.

  • 1895 Alois Mager founds the "A. Mager Spezialfabrik Ophthalmologischer Instrumente" at Chausseestraße 8 in Berlin.
  • 1895 First products are: "Augenspiegel", "Javal-Ophtalmometer" and "Perimeterbogen nach Förster".
  • 1922 Wilhelm Mager, Alois Mager’s son, joins the company and is managing director from 1924 to 1956.
  • 1932 The company name is changed to OCULUS.
  • 1932 The product range is extended with a "Sehprobenapparat" and the successful lorgnette "Aida".
  • 1947 After the end of World War 2, OCULUS moves to West-Germany, to the "Optic Town" Wetzlar. Graduate engineer Kurt Kirchhübel joins the company as additional managing director, until 1986.
  • 1957 Beginning of the cooperation with Universitäts-Augenklinik Tübingen.
  • 1959 Introduction of the first "Tübinger Hand-Perimeter".
  • 1960 Opening of the injection molding department. OCULUS trial lenses get a plastic frame.
  • 1961 Introduction of the "Mesoptometer", which is still used as "Mesotest" for tests prior to the driving test.
  • 1963 First rebuilding of a new office building at Wetzlar-Dutenhofen.
  • 1976 OCULUS introduces the "Tübinger Perimeter Automat" at the IPS-Meeting in Tübingen, Germany. It is a science project, promoted by the BMFT (German Ministry of Research and Technology).
  • 1980 The first TAP (Tübinger Automatik-Perimeter) is presented at the DOG in Kiel, Germany.
  • 1981 Graduate engineer Rainer Kirchhübel becomes a member of the managing board.
  • 1985 OCULUS concludes a contract with Nidek, manufacturer of ophthalmic devices in Japan, for exclusive marketing service and distributor rights in Germany.
  • 1985 Presentation of the SDI®/BIOM® system for non-contact wide-angle observation for vitreoretinal surgery.
  • 1989 OCULUS founds locations in Czechia, Slovakia and Poland.
  • 1995 OCULUS celebrates the company’s 100th anniversary.
  • 1995 The new Twinfield® perimeter is a premiere: For the first time static and kinetic perimetry is automatically and manually possible.
  • 1999 The OCULUS Office for Marketing and Customer Service is founded in Seattle, USA: OCULUS, Inc.
  • 2002 World premiere of the first automatically rotating 3D Scheimpflug camera, the Pentacam®. Until today one of the company’s flagships.
  • 2005 The Pentacam® HR, equipped with an even higher resolution camera, is presented.
  • 2006 Purchase of an additional company building. The marketing, optical assembly and synthetic assembly departments move in.
  • 2007 PARK1® is officially introduced. A combined auto-refractometer and keratometer with pachymetry, which is honoured with the "Red Dot Award" for product design.
  • 2008 OCULUS Asia Ltd in Hong Kong is founded.
  • 2009 After a two years construction period, the new OCULUS headquarters are re-inaugurated.
  • 2011 Premiere of the Corvis® ST at ESCRS, Vienna. A new non-contact tonometer in combination with an ultra-high-speed Scheimpflug camera can visualize the reaction of the cornea on an air impulse.
  • 2011 OCULUS Iberia S.L. is founded in Spain.
  • 2012 OCULUS Surgical, Inc. is founded in Florida, USA, for direct distribution of the SDI®/BIOM® system in North and South America.
  • 2014 BIOM® ready, the world’s first single-use wide-angle viewing system is introduced.
  • 2015 At OCULUS headquarters, extensive construction work to create a high-rack warehouse, expand the distribution area and provide additional space for research and development as well as for the service department, are completed.
  • 2015 The new Pentacam® AXL is presented at the ESCRS in Barcelona.
  • 2015 Graduate Economist Christian Kirchhübel joins the company as additional managing director.
  • 2017 The OCULUS Universal Trial Frame celebrates its 100th birthday.
  • 2017 OCULUS founds subsidiary OCULUS Canada Holding, Inc. in Langley.
  • 2018 Founding of the subsidiary OCULUS Brasil Comercio Importação Exportação e Serviços de Equipamentos Médicos LTDA, based in São Paulo.
  • 2019 World premieres of the devices Pentacam® AXL Wave and Myopia Master®.
  • 2019 Founding of OCULUS Instruments Ltd in Birmingham, Great Britain, for direct distribution to retina specialists in UK and Ireland.
  • 2020 OCULUS celebrates its 125th anniversary.